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Determine the right size kit & learn how to install it, plus see our FAQ.




Kit Size Guide

Bathtubs vary in size, so we offer two different sizes of conversion kits to accommodate nearly all standard bathtubs. Follow this guide to make sure you order the right size kit for your tub.

There are two measurements you should make on the area of your tub where the kit will be installed:

Width: Width at the widest point of your bathtub’s wall within the area of the kit.

Height: Height of the bathtub wall where the kit will be placed. The kit should not extend below the curve inside of your tub.

All kits are 20” in length. 

Also choose from a left-swing or right-swing door on tub door kits. You will want the door to swing toward the drain, so choose the appropriate kit for your bathtub. Left-swing means the hinges are on the left. Right-swing means the hinges are on the right. Remember that the door is on the inside of the tub, not the outside of the kit.


Installation Guide

Our kits can be installed in just a few hours when everything is prepared. In our installation guide, we list all the tools you’ll need, the items included in your kit, and step-by-step instructions. 

You can also watch our video to see what the installation process looks like.



Frequently Asked Questions


Our kits are only available in white.
We offer a lifetime guarantee on the door seal of the conversion kit. They won’t leak, as long as they’re being used properly and have been installed properly, as well.
Our kits fit most standard tubs, as they’re typically under 8" thick. As long as the thickness of your tub wall is under 8" thick, you can install our kits.
Kits can be installed in as quick as 2 to 3 hours. For people who want to install it themselves, we’ve included easy-to-follow instructions and have made a demonstration video. Once your kit is installed, you’ll have to wait the appropriate amount of time for the silicone to dry before filling your tub with water.
Yes, our kits can be installed in metal tubs, as long as the tub wall is under 8" thick.
Yes, although you might cut the water lines when cutting into your tub. Sometimes these lines can be repaired to keep the whirlpool functioning; but if not, you may lose the function of your jets.
All our kits are manufactured in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.
Yes, to get in the tub through the kit’s opening, the tub has to be empty. We recommend using our transfer bench because it allows you to sit inside the tub while it fills with only your feet in the water. This way, you can wrap up in a cozy towel or bathrobe while you wait, then lower yourself into the water when you’re ready.


We accept credit card payments. If another method of payment is desired, please contact us to see if arrangements can be made.

Yes! All payments are processed by Shopify Payments.


Orders placed before noon (MST) will ship within 48 hours. We want you getting into your tub safely as soon as possible.
Transit times range from 2-8 days depending on your location. Express shipping is available at an additional cost.
Yes, returns are subject to a 30% restocking fee on new unused resaleable products. Installed, modified, and custom items are non refundable.
Please email us to request a return